Friday, June 7, 2013

Tasting - LowTech Pale Ale v4

LowTech Pale Ale v4
For a beer that I considered more or less a failure... it's sure nice!  In case you didn't read, I had big problems with a new hop filter design, it quickly clogged.  I managed to finally transfer the wort into the fermenters via auto-siphon although I lost substantial wort in the process.


Pours burnt orange.  The Muntons Crystal 240 is darker than I expected.  It holds up nicely to the high gravity to bitterness ratio.  There is a very faint roastiness although I get more caramel notes than roast. The dense head only sticks around briefly before settling back into a fine lace.  Considerable lacing throughout the pint.  Considering the age of the beer and the lack of cold conditioning, the clarity is superb.  No finings post boil were used, this is all WLP007.  Overall, its certainly at the darker end of the pale ale spectrum.  You might even call it an American Amber Ale.


Malty with a definite hop presence.  Not sure I can pick out any one hop, but the combination works.


For a pale ale, I'd consider the bitterness assertive.  Hop are front and center, surprising when you consider there were only 5oz's in the 40L batch.  Malt sweetness with some toast on the back end.  The body and mouthfeel are adequate, I might increase the crystal slightly.  Carbonated well, finishes dry.


Bitter and hoppy.  Inviting to the eye.  Lower AVB works. Anxious to try the dry-hopped version. 7/10.

Update June 11th

Had some carbonation issues early on, they seem to have been corrected.  Pints are pouring nicely, the ale is developing nicely.  Not sure if it's at it's peak yet but close.

Update June 13th

Wow!  Drinking really nice.  Bitterness has mellowed, malt profile starting to come forward.  Still a hoppy beer but now with a nice balance.

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