Sunday, June 2, 2013

BSB 2013 - IPA

Our gracious sponsors for BSB 2013 provided most of the malt in this recipe.  We used whole leaf flowers for all the late hops.

BSB 2013 - IPA

OG 1.060/ IBU ~83/ SRM ~6/ ~41L

53.0% OiO Domestic 2-Row
42.0% Muntons Maris Otter
03.0% OiO Wheat Malt
02.0% Weyermann Carabohemian

2oz of Warrior @ 60 minutes
1oz of Warrior @ 30 minutes
2oz ea Centennial/Cascade @ 5 minutes
1oz ea Centennial/Cascade @ 0 minutes


Brewed June 1st

Mashed in at 150F.  Mashed for 60 minutes before collecting 46L pre-boil volume.  Boiled for 70 minutes adding hops as scheduled above.  Whirlfoc at 5 min remaining in boil.  Gravity measured 1.060.  Chilled to ~80F.  Collected ~32-34L into two fermenters.  Had a bit of an issue with chill water on site, BK sat for 20 min (hot) while waiting for water.

2 tsp Gypsum, 2  tsp Calcium Chloride, 1 tsp Epsom Salts, 150g Acid malt, added to mash for a pH of 5.48.  1tsp Gypsum added to the boil. Final water numbers: 
Ca 89, Mg 10, Na 18, Cl 63, SO4  174

Update June 2nd 

Gave the fermenter a quick shake but most of the aeration was done yesterday while racking the beer to the pail.  Re-pitched WLP007 from one of the LowTech APA v4 carboys.   This is the yeast's 3rd pitch (3rd gen).  Full Krausen within 5hrs.

Update June 3rd

Fermenting strong.  Used my cold room to keep temps down, ambient 18c.

Update June 6th

Ambient in the cold room down to 16c.  I checked on the IPA this morning and it appears to have completely fermented out.  Fermenter has been moved to a warmer room, will give it a few days to clean up before dry hopping.

Update June 8th

Added a whack load of whole leaf dry hops to the primary

Update June 16th

Racked off hops and to secondary for further conditioning .  Gravity measured 1.015.

Update June 18th

Racked to keg, pressure set to 12psi

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