Sunday, April 14, 2013

LowTech Blonde v3

A summertime fav.  At the Missus request (!),  I brewed up a batch of Blonde Ale.  Based on BierMunchers Centennial Blonde recipe, this light ale goes down easy with just the right amount of hop profile to keep things interesting.

LowTech Blonde v3

OG 1.040/ IBU ~22/ SRM ~3.5/ ~41L

76.9% CMC Superior Pilsner
15.4% Gambrinus Vienna Malt
07.7% Weyermann CaraHell (11L)

4.55 AAU of Centennial @ 60 minutes
4.55 AAU of Centennial @ 30 minutes
6.40 AAU of Cascade @ 12 minutes
6.40 AAU of Cascade @ 3 minutes


Brewed April 14th

Mashed in at 150F, mashed for 60 minutes before collecting 46L pre-boil volume.  Boiled for 70 minutes adding hops as scheduled above.  Whirlfoc added at 5 min remaining in boil.  Chilled to ~72F.  Collected 38L into two fermenters.  Pitched 8 fl oz of thin yeast slurry (~60ml solid cake) into each fermenter.  This is the first pitch on this yeast.  Brought it out of storage on April 1, added to 1L starter, chilled decanted and pitched to a 2L starter which fermented out on April 4th before being added to a mason jar with boiled and cooled water.  Returned to fridge to await use.  1 tsp Gypsum, 2 tsp Calcium Chloride, 1 tsp Epsom Salts, 65g Acid malt, added to mash for a pH of 5.48.  Final water numbers: 
Ca 60, Mg 10, Na 18, Cl 66, SO4 100 

Update April 15th

Both fermenters have krausen. Ambient temperature 17c, fermenter temp probe reads 17.3c

Update April 16th

Both fermenter showing high krausen.  Ambient temperature 16c, fermenter temp probe reads 18c

Update April 17th

Fermentation is wrapping up.  Temperatures have dropped back to ambient, Krausen has fallen.  Gravity reads 1.011.

Update April 24th

First 20L racked to keg, pressure set to 36psi.  Second 20L placed in lager freezer set to 4c

Update April 25th

First pint served, gets a satisfying nod from the Missus.  Beer need more carbonation but it otherwise very drinkable.  Surprisingly clear as well.  Tasting notes to come.

Update May 16th 

After 20+ days of cold conditioning, the second fermenter was racked to keg.  Pressure set to 38psi.  Yeast reserved for future repitch (now used 1x).

Update May 17th 

Keg vented, pressure set to 12psi (serving).  Nicely carbed, great clarity!  Tasty. 

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