Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tasting - "77 Ringwood Stout"

Brewday Post and Recipe
77 Ringwood Stout

Dark Brown perhaps black, opaque.  When poured, toffee coloured head resembles whipped cream.  It lasts and lasts until the final drop.  Significant lacing throughout.


Roast.  Coffee.  Little to no Chocolate.  Smells of malt with a faint hint of hops, Challenger hops work really well here.  Something else is there as well, perhaps a by-product of the yeast?


Roasty.  Slightly sweet.  I get a touch of "tang" and spice.  Not sure if again it's from the yeast?  The yeast was provided by a fellow brewer.  I stepped up from 2ml.  Later I was told the strain may not have been authentic Ringwood but rather a bottling strain.  I am not getting any butter/diacetyl but rather more spice.  Perhaps slightly phenolic.


Overall Impressions
I am drinking this too soon.  Needs more time to bottle condition and would make for an excellent winter warmer.  The slight tang is a little distracting, hopefully this will dissipate over time.  Over all, please with the grain bill and hop selection.  Perhaps a touch of hops near the end of the boil would make things more interesting.  Probably the best stout that I've made thus far.  The creamy head (giggle) is amazing!  Toast Barley Flakes do a fine job!


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