Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tasting - Mild (LowTech v2)

This ones coming togeather very nicely...  Initially, there was a strong nuttiness from the Brown Malt as well as an intense fruitiness from the yeast. After a few weeks in the keg, the taste has mellowed somewhat and the crystal malt has moved forward.  The Mild is well balanced finishing with a touch of dryness from the Brown and Chocolate malts, not cloying at all.  I was successful in obtaining body in such a low gravity ale thanks in part to a high percentage of crystal malt.  Mouth feel very nice, I'd say medium body.  The WLP023 fruitiness has mellowed considerably.  All in all, it's aging quickly but nicely.  I believe the beer is at, or at least very near it's peak.

The continuous no sparging certainly has one big benefit, both beers brewed with this method are freak'n crystal clear...  Carbonation is nice but low,  I pulled it off the C02 and pulled a few pints, only hooking up the gas when the tap slows.  Head retention low, light tan in colour.

Aroma is dominated by fruit and caramel, perhaps a touch of raisin.  No hops to speak of.  I am interested in doing a Bramling X SMaSH as I am not really getting a sense for the hop in this beer.

Overall, a very enjoyable quaffer!  I really do enjoy a solid Mild Ale.

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