Thursday, November 22, 2012

Update - Low Tech Helles

This morning I added the final volume to the starter.  After completing the first two steps, the starter was crashed cooled and decanted.  A final 2L of wort was added to the flask this morning.  The starter sits spinning on a stir plate.  The target cell counts is in the 400B ball-park.

I checked the gravity of the decanted spent beer, it had in fact fermented out to 1.008 (75% attenuated) which is bang on for WLP833.  It had that distinct sulfur/egg smell common to lagers.  I was a little concerned as I purchased this yeast on a clear out.  The best before date was Nov 11.  I have no idea what the real viability was so I assumed 10%.  Worst case, I'll end up with slightly more yeast then I bargained for which I understand isn't such a big deal for Lagers.

Tonight I crush my grain and prepare for tomorrow evenings brew-night!

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